All of a sudden the sun came out. Wenn Engel reisen (when angels travel), my mother would have said.

Instead of going straight home – yes! Pádraig is homehome for the weekend! – we decided to go to the Botanic Gardens. If you’re not from Dublin and haven’t been there: put it on your list for your next visit. The gardens are absolutely beautiful, full of colours especially in the autumn, gorgeous herb gardens, and one of the most spectacular green houses on earth.

It was like walking through a jungle. Kind of an organised jungle though. Like the way the German countryside is like Leitrim, only organised. There’s something missing. The wild bit. The bid you can’t predict. The adventure. The chaos. The surprises. The lack of control.

I was thinking: Pádraig’s life has been like Leitrim, like the real jungle. Not like the German countryside, not like the Botanic Gardens. And I was thinking that he’d probably want it to continue like that. And as much as that is possible, that’s what I would like to help him with. He’ll direct us, he’ll show us the way. We’ll just have to go along with him, moving some ‘Stolpersteine’ out of his way. No more.