Did you ever have the feeling you woke up in the morning, you blink, and the next thing: it’s evening and the day is gone?

Today was one of those days.

Quick coffee (decaf – we ran out of ‘normal’), a ‘hello’ to the friendly roofer and off to an early physio session. The first time poor Pádraig had time for breakfast was just after 11am. That was followed by OT, and a relatively straight-forward version of the WHIM assessment (it didn’t include an fMRI).

It was the first time that I saw at least one eye following a mirror from one side to at least the middle, maybe a little up and down too.


It was also the first time that I saw him using a switch with his left foot (there’s a famous Irish person who did an awful lot with ‘My Left Foot’): when asked, he ‘switched’ once, triggering a sound. When asked, he ‘switched’ twice, triggering two of the sounds. When asked, he went through the whole sequence again. And I wish I could remember whether he did it a third time. It was absolutely brilliant. Really, really, really brilliant!

Then there was a late lunch, a walk outside, and a short language therapy session when the therapist decided that he could now drink (thickened) fluids as much as he liked.

Finally, he got a visit by five of his friends – two of them will be running the marathon for him! They are just unbelievable. Talk about ‘beautiful people’! Being so close to his friends and getting visits from them several times a week must make him feel really at ease, loved, supported, energised.

How great it is to be back in Dublin. Truly.