In charge.

What would I do if I was in charge? What would I do if I was in charge of neuro rehab for persons with severe ABI in Ireland?

Changing the way severe ABI is seen. By the professionals. By the public. By families. Making sure that severe ABI is being treated appropriately. On time. As long as it is required. To the extent necesary. These would be my two priorities.


Two people with family members who were treated for their severe ABI in the Ireland’s only specialised hospital told me today that they did not believe this institution was providing the service, support, treatment and therapy that is required by persons with severe brain injuries. So what is the alternative for them and their family members? Pádraig had to leave the country and being back home, health professionals are amazed that he eats and drinks, has no infections or bugs, has no injuries and a healthy skin, has no bed sores, no dropped feet or other injuries, and is not taking any medication.

Weekends are very quiet. This is a long weekend. It’ll be double quiet. There is nothing happening. Patients will have no distraction, they will get no stimulation of their body or their senses. They wake up in the morning to eat and drink and wait for the evening to come.

Pádraig had a quiet day today as everybody else. He had his three meals and went out for a walk. People on the ward were still talking about last night when around half a dozen of his friends visited him. It was great!

Less than 48 hours to go to the marathon. And one extra hour of sleep tonight.

Check out Cliodhna’s and Emily’s marathon fundraising pages for Pádraig!