No more apple juice.

I should’ve known. Dentists don’t like sweet stuff. The NRH dentist who checked on Pádraig’s teeth this morning is no exception. The good news is that he was impressed by his teeth and oral hygiene.

This dental appointment was the first of a few Pádraig had today. There also was the ‘sling’ man who is not just going to source not just the correct sling for Pádraig’s super-dooper lifter, but also an interim bed on loan and a quotation for a standing bed.

All this is in preparation by a home visit by the NRH and HSE teams on Wednesday, 04 November.


If all goes according to plan, that’ll also be the day that Pádraig will be back home home and spend a night in his new room. It’ll be just one night to see that all is in order and works, that all fits and is fit for purpose.

It’ll be the special NRH van that will get him home. To be sure that that’ll work, he got a spin this afternoon around the NRH. Everything seemed to be ok in relation to transport.

And then he had two visitors which was brilliant. Old and young – they won’t mind me saying so. And both got big smiles!

Getting Pádraig home is so incredibly complicated and painfully slow. Honestly, I don’t understand why it is all taking that long. More than three weeks into this process, there is no agreed date, not even a provisional one. There’s so many people who have to be brought along, it’s hard to believe. And it’s a real learning experience for all involved.

One thing is absolutely clear and without doubt: all involved couldn’t be nicer, more supportive, understanding, and enthusiastic. All believe that bringing Pádraig home is the right thing to do. All want it make happen.

So, no doubt, there’ll be a date. For home home.