Pádraig’s second concert is lined up. This time, it won’t be a nice, dry in-house venue like the one for Kodaline in December. It’ll be in the magnificent settings of Newbridge House, Donabate, County Dublin. It’ll be RAVELÓID on 10-12 June 2016. Apparently, Pádraig was ‘involved’ in discussions some years ago about the possibility of organising this.

Now, he’ll be joining the first edition of what sounds like a magnificent fest!

On a different note…

What was I expecting? What did I think – how would my life be in 30 years?


‘All along the Watchtower’, ‘Coming into Los Angeles’, and ‘Heute hier, morgen dort’ made up my standard set and on this day, 30 years ago, I didn’t remember the lyrics of any of them. So I left the party with Klaus and went for a walk to see whether together, we could come up with the three verses of ‘All along the Watchtower’.

No. There were no smartphones. There was no web. It was up to us to remember. We eventually did. But it took a while.

In the meantime, there was a bit of a panic. Several search parties had been dispatched to look for the groom. My newly wedded wife had started to wonder whether she had made a bad mistake.

(I don’t think she ever stopped. Wondering:)

If you know the song I finally ‘performed’ at my wedding – pressured by my family and friends – you’ll know that it starts with “There must be some way out of here…”.

This year, when we thought about what to do for the occasion we thought we might go to Spain for a long weekend for our anniversary. It’s where we met 36 years ago. It’s where we went to live for almost a year, the day after the wedding.

We didn’t.

Our lives changed beyond recognition since that day, 30 years ago. We moved house several times. We had three kids. Careers. And then it changed again when we least expected it.

Sometimes, change can cause a lot of strain on a relationship, to a point when it can’t sustain the pressure anymore.

Sometimes, a relationship grows under pressure.

Little of what I expected actually happened over the past 30/36 years. But I know that I was never as right as that day when I said ‘yes’.

(It was pure luck that Pat did too (say yes)! That was before the party piece, remember…)

Tonight, we’re in a quiet place in Wicklow. And get ready for the next 30 years.

PS: Tonight’s post is post no. 700