I have the feeling this will be the most unspectacular post of posts.

Weekends are so quiet in the NRH. What if – An Saol organised seminars and workshops, together with the NRH, in the NRH, using facilities that are second to none in the country but unused over the weekend? Do you think the NRH might be interested?


Weekends are time for visits and easy going. Two good friends came out today. Pádraig had met them first in Beaumont where they were visiting their daughter. It was really good to see them again and it was so nice of them to come in and visit.

Pádraig is back eating almost as before, with two warm meals during the day and a good cereal-based breakfast. The only thing that is missing is the ‘pushing out the boat’ a bit food. What he is getting is all pureed and I’m sure he could do ‘better’ than that. Maybe that will change next week.

One constant we had heard about the NRH was that families were always pushing for more time. They wanted their son or daughter to stay here for longer than the allocated three months – which does make sense in many ways. In our case, I cannot wait for the discharge day to arrive. To get Pádraig home home with the support and therapies he will need.

We’ve been here for almost two weeks and I suppose that all the information that had to be compiled will have been compiled and passed on the HSE by now.

Next week, I’ll go to RehaCare in Düsseldorf where I hope to meet our friends from Pforzheim and where I will check out ‘stuff’ for Pádraig and for An Saol. I’ll also spend a few days in Hamburg starting to clean out the apartment…