The assessment is continuing.

How much is Pádraig able to move.

How much is Pádraig able to drink and to eat.

How long are his lower and upper legs, his feet, how wide are his shoulders.

It all is quite complex and complicated, and it takes hours. Once all this data will have been compiled, it’ll go into the care and therapy plan.


Next week, two OTs will visit our house and check out Pádraig’s new room to see whether it’s appropriate. Their report will also go into the care and therapy plan.

I expect to get a big folder with all reports when Pádraig will be discharged to his home. With the determined support of the health authority, the HSE – I expect.

The man himself is eating like a horse and gets better at drinking every day. He has travelled across Europe, spent six weeks in what I would call a ‘bootcamp’ and is ready to live his life. We are ready to help him with that as much as we can.

Pat and I went out tonight to have a nice meal because we couldn’t get a table for tomorrow in this almost too fancy Dublin restaurant. So we’ll go out to Enniskerry tomorrow, have dinner again, and stay in one of the longest established hotels there, a bit more down to earth. To celebrate life together. Looking forward. Not back (because when we do look back I find it impossible not to cry). Forward is the way. New will be the memories.

And if you thought the trip to Alaska was just a pipe dream – you probably thought that Germany would beat Ireland.

By the way, the staff in the NRH were incredibly understanding today. They offered me free coffee. Tissues. All to help me getting over this terrible match last night. – They got it all wrong. That goal was the best thing ever to happen! And one day they will understand why that is so.