This morning, we had a long, lazy Sunday breakfast and then took out the Doblo to go to go to the Landesgartenschau in Mühlacker, about half an hours’ drive from Pforzheim. The garden show is supposed to give you ideas for developing your own gardens and highlight different aspects in gardens such as colour, smell, texture, and architecture.

Pádraig’s friend insisted to get him a stamp on his hand, in case we were going out again – standard procedure in any club, I suppose. And then he wondered if they were selling beer, not just the local wine. They did. And he shared it with Pádraig. Check out the cool t-shirt he had brought for Pádraig!


With the stamp and the drink there was live Blasmusikspielkapellenmusiktherapie. That’s what you get on a Sunday morning in Mühlacker!

As we were walking through the Landesgartenschau, there were strange things at every corner, much more interesting then the flower bed of which there were few anyways.

People walking around in strange costumes; runners and shoes hanging from a tree (we all know what that means in Dublin); and what the Germans call an Insektenhotel, i.e. specially prepared wood to house all sorts of insects. In your house or your garden. Mmmmhhhh. Makes you wonder.

Pádraig’s friend left late afternoon, saying that he saw great improvements in Pádraig since his last visit. That it must be more difficult for us to see his progress as we are with him every day. How encouraging!

We’ll start the second last week in Pforzheim tomorrow. It’ll be a time of learning so that we’ll be able to continue doing at least some of the exercises Pádraig has been doing here when we get back to Dublin.