One of Pádraig’s really good friends came up from France (!) last night for a visit. We decided to do the tourist thing. After all, it was Saturday, rest day.

Though it didn’t started like that.

I went for a short run (you know, the marathon is getting closer;) and almost arrived late for Pádraig’s shower. The nurse on duty came in and showed us how to use the ‘new’ shower chair they had left in the bathroom for Pádraig yesterday. It went really well and Pádraig had a great shower.

After breakfast, we got the Centre’s Caddy to try it on a drive. Where else could we have gone but deep into the Schwarzwald? And where in the Schwarzwald but to the famous Tree Top Walk in Bad Wildbad? I had never heard of it, maybe because it really is out of this world. What a piece of engineering and sheer brilliance. After a long walk at the level of tree tops, the highlight appears from between the trees: a kind of free-standing tower with a 600+m walk up into the sky.

Tonight, we’re all so tired, we can hardly keep our eyes open.

It was a good day!

Tomorrow, we’re planning to see a garden show close to Pforzheim. (But only after a longer Sunday run;)