Something is going to happen that is going to make Pádraig really really happy.

But, for the time being, Pádraig and I are on our own which is kind of strange after the summer, a time of less travel, of spending a lot of time together. But Pat has to go back to work, the weekly trips have started again. It’s another sign of live continuing.

I started to think about my plans again. I know it sounds a little bit crazy thinking, even more talking about big trips. Thinking about going to Alaska. Alaska.

The time here in Pforzheim has been really great so far. There is plenty of stuff I’d do differently (that’s only to be expected:) but there is also plenty of stuff I’ve learned. And it’s not over yet. We have another two weeks to go.

And they are so so aware of that is what I want to get out of it that they are helping me to get there. To get to a point where I will be able to do a lot of what they have been doing here with Pádraig back in Ireland not on my own, but with one or two helpers.

The other great experience here is getting to know the other patients and their families. Most of them are young people. Many of them had motorcycle or car accidents. They and their families have been living a similar life to ours and talking to them not just creates a sense of community, it also teaches me a lot of how families can pull through what must be one of the most devastating experience anyone can go through.

But at the same time, I want us and Pádraig to be part of life, street live, road trip life, concert life, having a pint life, singing, dancing, and hugging life.

I want us to go to Spain and buy Boots of Spanish Leather. I want us to go to Alaska and experience nature at its best. I want us to go live life to the full. To have fun and see things. To go to festivals and to concerts.

A propos concerts: his sisters bought him his first concert tickets to see one of his favourite groups who about two years ago sent him this message:

Can someone tell the lads that Pádraig will be at their concert in Dublin??!! To have that beer with them, they’re talking about? Tell them that nothing is impossible with the help and support of friends? Tell them how much we appreciate that they reserve space at their concerts for people in wheelchairs? Tell them how much Pádraig will enjoy his first concert and their music!!!???