Three down, three to go.

It’s half time in Pforzheim for us.

In three weeks’ time, we hope to be on our way to Dublin.


Actually, writing this makes me a tiny bit nervous. We have no tickets, we have just an outline plan, and we have a trillion things to organise around that trip and its implications.

Pádraig has no worries about any of this stuff. I think he is very happy here with his training regime that is really challenging him, in a good and very positive way. Pat brought his iPod and asked him today, whether he would like to listen to some music.

You know, sometimes you have to be a bit patient and ask him to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by moving his tongue to the right or to the left.

There was none of that in this case. His tongue shot to the right. It just reminded us how important music has always been in Pádraig’s life. First thing he did when he stormed into the kitchen was changing the channel. He was listening to music constantly always on the look-out for something new and exciting.

To be perfectly honest, at the time I didn’t always appreciate it. I had my own preferences and, stupid me (because I had no chance of winning, ever), at times I entered into a competition with him on which music we were going to listen to. What I would not give today, to have him playing his music to me.

Seeing him being able to enjoy a film or music, even just from an iPod, is brilliant. Although he is never by himself, it must feel to terribly lonely where he is, not being able to fully communicate with us.

This weekend apparently marks the end of the festival season in Ireland.

But there are concerts going on all the time.

And there won’t be no stopping him to join the concerts of his favourite bands, and of new bands, and to get ready for the 2016 festival season!