Saturday is rest day.

Since the hills of Pforzheim don’t scare us anymore we decided to walk down the 2km to the river Enz and then another 1km along the river to the city’s gasometer (similar to the one in Dublin and many other cities) to visit Rome as created by the German artist Yadegar Asisi.

Pádraig got in free, but the general entry fee is 11 euro. And it has been so successful that apparently they extended the show by 2 months. I just couldn’t imagine this to work in Dublin for some reason. But maybe I’m wrong.

Inside, it’s a 360o screen around the inside walls of the former gasworks showing Rome in 312AD. To make the experience more real, there are sounds from people talking to workmen working to dogs barking. Day changes into night and the sounds of the city change with it. In the middle of the gasworks is a tower 15m high with a wheelchair-friendly elevator that allows you to see the city from different levels and angles.

It was fabulous, only that when we walked back up the 2km of hills of Pforzheim to the apartment, today turned out to be only half-a-rest day.

While we were walking, I thought about the 360o vision.

It’s the opposite to tunnel vision which is: restricted, exclusive, partial. 360o vision takes in all the different aspects of life: it’s inclusive, wide open, diverse.

I had to think of doctors with tunnel vision who talk about people with certain injuries not being worth of treatment, claiming they offered a bad return on investment.

I had to think about health systems reacting to political pressure and not to the needs of people in desperate need of treatment.

I had to think of insurance companies paying small claims but keeping open back doors when their clients really need them to honour their commitment.

I had to think of policemen looking out for the interest of perpetrators and not that of victims because one is closer to them than the other.

They all would benefit of a 360o perspective and wider, more inclusive and balanced vision. Opening up their minds to look out for, listen to, and perceive a world that is much more complex and diverse than their tunnel vision would suggest to them.

I had to think of a Dreamboater at the helm. How different our world would be. Wouldn’t you agree?