Tonight, in a press statement, Angela Merkel said that we were quick to rescue the banks and that we must now be equally quick to addresss the refugee crisis.

Wir wissen, dass wir schnell waren, als es darum ging, Banken zu retten. Und ich finde, wir müssen jetzt genauso schnell sein, wenn es darum geht, die notwendigen Maßnahmen zu treffen, damit Kommunen und Länder entlastet werden und die richtigen Rahmenbedingungen bekommen, um diese Herausforderung zu bewältigen. (

We looked at the regular ferries to Ireland and it seems that the direct connection from France to Dublin is booked out on the day in question.

Now, we’re looking at the ferries to Rosslare. It is really hard to believe that there are only three weeks left.

There are still a few details to be sorted out, but so far all’s looking good.

At home, work is progressing on the extension with tiles being put in and even paint being selected.

Pádraig’s overall condition continues to improve. Today, the therapists got really excited when he managed to stand with very little support around his legs and hips. imagesWhen they asked him, he lifted up his right arm, and then his left arm to help them with the exercises. He had done this before but never in a therapy session! In the morning, his speech therapist brought in a ‘yes’ button for his right hand, and a ‘no’ button for his left hand. Although communication was a bit difficult because of all the background noise in the ‘bistro’, he pressed the correct button several times. Tomorrow, we will try the same exercise in her office. These buttons can be programmed to ‘say’ what you want them to say, not just ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If Pádraig managed to use them correctly, it would open new doors for him to communicate.

What kind of short sentence, would you think, Pádraig might want to say to people?