I got one of those gadgets you stick into a TV and, Abracadabra, you can cast your favourite films and shows from the internet to your telly. Unfortunately, Lidl closes at 8 pm, so I missed a good part of the film when I went out to get us some dinner.


But the best part of the film, In Bruges, was the beginning. And I didn’t miss that.

You need to know that this is one of Pádraig’s all time favourites. It’s a classic. I think he knows most of the lines.

As soon as the film started, we were watching Pádraig’s face, rather than the movie. You should have seen it. A huge huge smile from one ear to the other. Pure happiness. There was no doubt that he was following the movie. Listening to it. Watching it. Imagine that: watching a movie! And immensely enjoying it. Enjoying it! Abracadabra.

Today, Pádraig didn’t walk across the room. Instead, he walked the full length of it, including a bend. He started to try and move his legs forward himself, didn’t quite manage it, but he did try, there was definite movement.

This week, he was mainly ‘trained’ by one of the owners of the therapy centre. If proof was needed that routine makes you lazy, laid back and risk averse, and that, on the other hand, pushing boundaries, stepping out of your comfort zone, peeling off the onion layers

When he was standing, with his hands and arms up on a support table, his knees and hip didn’t slip or collapse anymore, he was able to keep them straight with very little support. Yes, I had to hold his head and he had the support from his arms, but hey – he showed us that he was definitely getting better at this standing business.

It’s the end of the third week of our stay in Pforzheim and time is flying. The days are so full and we are all so exhausted in the evening that we don’t really feel the time. It’s mind boggling.

Every family has some stories they repeat again and again. They become some kind of family folklore. One of ours is that one day one of our kids (I won’t say who it was) asked for something – and we were prepared to hand it over. But – we wanted to hear the magic word first. And we got it. You know the one. Yes.