Have you ever met people who are doing things no one in their right mind would be doing because they don’t make ‘sense’?

Apparently, what makes sense is to spend your money wisely. In the health system, you don’t spend money on people if they don’t get better. You don’t waste your precious resources on patients who either don’t have a lobby or who you cannot heal or where the outcome is, at best doubtful.

Apparently, what makes sense is for 1,000 young people with disabilities to be looked after in nursing homes, as reported by The Irish Times just 10 days ago. That almost none of the nursing homes in Ireland does comply with current standards is neither here nor there.

Apparently, what makes sense is to be realistic, to face the facts, to be sensible.


Today, Pádraig walked, on his own feet, across a room.

No. This was not a late Lourdes miracle. Pádraig had the help of four therapists and myself.

Two therapists were holding and moving his legs. One was holding him from behind changing his weight from the left to the right foot. One was standing by. I was pushing him back a little so he wouldn’t fall to the front.

Can you imagine what it must have felt like for Pádraig? To be not just standing, but moving on his own feet, his own legs? To do this after more than two years being absolutely and completely dependent on other people for everything he needs or wants?

Doing this today did not make sense at all. No one in their right mind would have done this. Why on earth would you get involved in something as uncertain, strenuous, and risky?

But it was brilliant. The people who did this with Pádraig today would never take no for an answer. They would not be very sensible and realistic. They are much more like Pádraig than they would know.

Also found an online shop for electronic aids at inca.de. They’re based in Pforzheim. Might contact them over the next few days.