Today is a special day.

But then – so have been many others before over the past two years and a bit.

I am sitting on a chair with my feet up on a bed, one of those anti-mosquito candles flickering beside me, listening to Pádraig’s breathing in the next room.

There were so many important things I had planned to do today and I didn’t do half of them. But I spent the whole day with Pádraig doing truly mind-blowing things. From the daily routine of getting him  ready to go to the Rehab Centre just 50m down the road for 8 am, to my ‘assistant’ routine during the amazing therapies – again, helping him to ‘walk’ across the room, and getting him ready for bed.


I had a long conversation with a doctor who is very active in getting public attention denouncing misconduct in health care in Germany, publishing widely and having a strong presence in the media. He said that, in a round-about way, Pádraig’s case was God-sent to highlight the many different things that do happen but should not happen to people requiring specialised and urgent care and therapy.

Today is also the first day of my carer’s leave. For at least a year, I am not going to work in my ‘day job’ and I also won’t get paid. It’ll be interesting to see how this will work out.