Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.

Jack Kerouac, On the Road

When I ran my first marathon, I had this out-of-body experience over the last few kilometres. I was watching myself in my misery because I could not stand it anymore in my body. (No, I haven’t sought psychiatric advice on this.)

Since this was my first marathon, I decided that I was going to try harder, get better at it. I made a deal with Pádraig: if he kept trying, so would I. And together, we would make it.

imagesThe Dublin Marathon is coming up soon. So there was no choice this morning but to get up early. It was going to be 34 degrees today and I had to do 24 km. I ran along the “famous” river Enz and discovered that Pforzheim has really beautiful parts. When I finished, I drank 2 litres of water and spent half an hour under the shower trying to bring down my body temperature. I read that humans developed over millennia to run long distances. I have (am) proof that evolution makes exceptions….

It got as hot as the forecast had announced. This afternoon, we decided to go down to the Oezle Wine Fest to escape the heat up in the apartment and to have a cool beer – just to be told that if you want a cool beer, even on a hot day, you have to go to a beer fest.

Getting into town in Pforzheim is the easy part. Getting back up to the Rehab Centre pushing a wheelchair is hard, especially on a hot day like today. But is was all worth it. Pádraig really enjoyed escaping the heat, listening to the traditional music and watching people in funny dresses passing by. It was a different kind of day, no therapies, just hot and lazy.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of week three here. Four more weeks and we’ll hopefully be on the road… everything ahead of us…