I just did what you shouldn’t do.

I watched TV when I should have gone to bed early to be ready for another demanding day tomorrow morning.

A two part series on the second world war. In one go.

There were two sentences that stuck in my head. They were repeated again and again. One was that ‘dying would have been easy’ and the other was ‘the war destroyed everything, make sure that this never happens again.’

The film was part of a 3SAT week of Stories from the War (Kriegsgeschichten), and it was called Fateful Years (Schicksalsjahre) based on a true story and a book by Uwe-Karsten Heye called Of Happiness, only a Shadow (Vom Glück nur ein Schatten).

I watched it with Pádraig and I am sure he followed it.

Basil Fawlty taught the world that you should not mention the war to the Germans. But I think the memory of the war has never been as present as it is these days.

Germany expects 800,000 refugees this year. Most of them coming from countries that have been torn apart by wars. Families that were split up. Families who lost their fathers or mothers, their brothers or sisters, their children.

IMG_1890What’s the news from Pforzheim? – Pádraig is really becoming noticeably more alert and awake here. Though when going through this bootcamp what choice have you got?

There was a bit of an un-inspiring lunch today with loads of pretty dry noodles (which we skipped) but really nice breaded turkey breast which Pádraig almost finished – I don’t think that he had managed to eat meat like this before. We even had time to enjoy some of the sunny weather here on the famous balcony overlooking the Black Forest.

I learned that you can actually mince a bread roll with butter, cheese and pate, put it in the fridge, and then get it out for lunch. Pádraig finished that with gusto for his dinner or, literally, “Abendbrot”.

IMG_1892There was a meeting with people involved in building the extension today, the first I didn’t attend – but it seems, they managed perfectly without me. Pat started again to go back on a weekly basis while I will stay here most of the time.

It sounds corny but this film really had an impact on me. There is always the question what we as relatively insignificant individuals can do to avoid suffering by our fellow human beings. We cannot bring ‘world peace’.

But we can make sure that we show respect, treat with dignity and offer help to those who really need it; that we insist in justice and basic fundamental rights for our fellow humans. The sick. The helpless. The desperate.