Everybody should have one.

So far, we never did.

I know, under the circumstances, this is not a big deal, you might say. But it meant, we could never shower Pádraig. It means that Pádraig had less than a handful of showers since his accident.


I have no idea why people still install those basins surrounding a tiny shower area when they could have a walk-in shower.

Not the walk-in shower but a view of the two rooms we've got here.

Not the walk-in shower but a view of the two rooms we’ve got here.

Now we’ve got one in our apartment in Pforzheim and today I made the first move to use it for Pádraig. We’ve been here more than a week by now so you can see, I’m not really a fast mover. I tried a hair wash using the shower and it worked brilliantly. Pádraig’s head control is so much better now. It’s amazing. It won’t be long now until we use the shower chair.

Not too long ago, I bought an album I had bought for the first time when I was 17. It’s by a group from Dortmund called Manderley. For a while they were one of the best German folk groups. They were singing in German, mostly their own compositions, but not exclusively. They had a German version of Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower, the song that almost got me divorced on my wedding day when I went off with Klaus for half an hour or so to practice for my performance…

Anyhow, I wanted to share this music with you. It’s not really for old, reasonable, you-have-to-consider-both-sides kind of people. They took sides and their lyrics were a quite revolutionary – always to wonderfully arranged voices and music. Listening to this music made me realise the compromises I made while getting older. All of a sudden this outrage in the face of injustice you often feel when you are young

Here is the first song from their album Fliegt Gedanken Fliegt. It’s called: Sag mir, were sie sind (Tell me who they are)

Sagt mir wer sie sind
Die Mächtigen in unserm Land
Zeigt mir die Gesichter
Ruft die Namen laut hinaus
Wir wollen Euch nicht
Und wir haben Euch nie gewollt
Ihr Geld- und Gottesanbeter
Wir brauchen Frieden für uns
Und für die ganze Welt
Und wollt Ihr nicht
So passt gut auf Euch auf

Tell me who they are
Those in power in our country
Show me their faces
Shout the names out loud
We do not want you now
And we never wanted you before
Your money and Mantises
We need peace for us
And for the whole wide world
And if you don’t want
Then take good care of yourselves