I know, I know. It’s jumping the gun a tiny little bit.

While Pádraig is doing fine: today he surprise his speech therapist who had brought a ‘face former’ with how well he could close his mouth and keep this gadget in position; he had close to three hours of OT/physio, standing up one of these hours against a frame; he then ‘walked’ in the Lokomat for 45 minutes – his personal best: and then finished up a full plate of Lasagne – well almost: I helped him with the crispy cheese bits, the part he used to like most…

And I recognise that we have to deal with a few small details first: like surviving this ‘bootcamp’ for another four weeks and a bit; finishing up the building work at home; emptying the apartment in Hamburg; dealing with a myriad of German offices; and, last but not least, getting the NRH and the HSE Primary Care Unit to commit…

FullSizeRenderBut there was a note that came with the beautiful Claddagh ring his friends gave to him over the weekend that explained the meaning of this ancient symbol of “love, loyalty, and friendship“. And then there was a card they had written to him with one of the lines saying: “Dublin misses you!

Which all made me think of his journey back home to Ireland.

It’ll have to be a boat, doesn’t it?

The Dreamboat!


Ibi scilicet uidi in uisu noctis uirum uenientem quasi de Hiberionecuinomen Uictoricuscum epistolis innumerabilibuset dedit mihi unamex his et legi principium epistolae continentem ‘Uox Hiberionacum’, etcum recitabam principium epistolae putabam ipso momento audireuocem ipsorumqui erant iuxta siluam Uocluti quae est prope mareoccidentaleet sic exclamauerunt quasi ex uno ore: ‘Rogamus tesanctepuerut uenias et adhuc ambulas inter nos ” – I know this is completely over the top, to connect St Patrick’s confessio with all this, but what I would not give if he was to “walk again among us”.