imagesIt’s 7am on a Sunday morning and sure, what better place to be than on an Aer Lingus flight back to Düsseldorf. It’s like stepping back in time, in comparison to the sparse, tightly-spaced, uncomfortable (often-but-not-today-cheaper) Ryanair planes with tapes instead of people talking to you – except when they want to push their latest bargains or drinks onto you .

A good friend picked me up at 5:30am – sure, what else would he have done that hour of the day on a Sunday. He said he would go for an early morning run anyways. And sure, he brought the best, freshly-homemade bread in Dublin with him to remind us exiles of home.

quoteOur two daughters wanted me to wake them up and to say good-bye to them before I left. In their half-sleep, they reminded me to check that I had tickets and passport before I left.

So, what’s so strange about all this? Why am I mentioning it? – Think about it for a moment. There is so much more going on here than what meets the eye.

All these were everyday situations. Normal. But as is the case with so many everyday situations, we are missing stuff because we are moving too fast.

Everybody was there this morning because they cared. In an everyday ordinary unspectacular way. Caring.

People caring make our world human.

It’s 23:00 now in Germany. I arrived ok earlier, spent some time with Pádraig and with Pat. She’ll be going tomorrow morning really early, to make the same journey I made toady, just into the other direction. I know all this has to be done, but it is so so tiring.