It’s like the start of a new year. Pulling off the first page of the calendar of a new year. Still struggling with the idea of being here at all, there were a few impossible things that happened today, all in one go.

They happened, because there is a bunch of people here who believe that things are possible.

Rather than the many people we’ve met who’d tell us about all the reasons why this that or the other will not be possible or won’t work.

In a way, though they don’t know this yet, they are Dreamboaters.

They are completely unconventional, they are really difficult people to deal with (because they know it all), they are chaotic, creative, driven, and convinced.

Patrick stood in a ‘Stehpult’, a kind of standing device, he got his limbs moved into all sorts of impossible directions, it’s no-more-peg-food-day (but real food through the peg), it’s three-litres-of-water-a-day-day from-now-on-day (I’m going to try that myself), and it’s Lokomat-Day.

And it’s just the beginning.

We’ve been thinking about Sara since we arrived here. She will always be with us. Always.