IMG_1738Can’t believe it was just the second day of our stay in Pforzheim today. It feels so much longer.

Pádraig broke a few of his own personal records today.

He stood up for an hour in a standing frame, the ‘Stehpult’, and he ‘walked’ for half an hour in the Lokomat.

His ‘logo’ was scheduled for late in the day, after 4 hours of hard exercise.

What a waste, we all thought. What will Pádraig be able to do in logo therapy after all this hard work?

Well, he surprised us all. He did really really well.

Someone even managed to get him one of his favourite drinks, which we managed to share between the three of us, celebrating the birthday of our favourite person (don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret).

There was no coughing, no verschlucken, no problem whatsoever. He washed that down without a bother in the world.

We were told, Pádraig needs to drink 3 litres of water every day.

Today we were thinking ( as a joke), that if it didn’t work out with he water, we could substitute it with the ‘good stuff’.

It was also Pádraig’s second day without the auld peg feet, or ‘Sondenkost’. Instead, it was again ‘normal’ food, turned into liquid via the PEG. What a difference that will make to so many things, not least his digestive system.

The nicest surprise for Pádraig today was, however, the visit by his younger sister who came back from Spain for a visit. We’ll all be back together, the whole family, with himself, his two sisters, and ourselves.