Some people say that following the death of a family member and divorce, moving is the third most stressful life event.

We tried to keep stress to a minimum.

First, we didn’t make much fuss about packing. We left it until last night. Then, we decided to get up early, I got up at 4:45 hrs, pack the car, and then just drive down to our now home for the next six weeks, in one go. 658 km. Eventually, we left at 6:30 hrs., a bit laster than planned, but

It took us slightly longer than the 6:35 hrs. predicted by Google. For the first stretch, we stoppe a few times to adjust Pádraig’s position in the car to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. Then we gave him a brake and tried to give him something to eat and drink. And lastly, from Frankfurt onwards, there was one traffic jam after the other. We made it. In 10 hrs.

The amazing thing was how Pádraig managed the journey. For him, it was a very bumpy ride with the car shaking up his wheelchair and he wheelchair moving him nonstop. But even towards the end we could see how he was trying to keep his head up high.

We are all exhausted. But Pádraig managed to put a big smile on his face, when the manager here told us about ans Irish family who came to check out the centre. They spent an hour in the centre, asked about the nearest pub, and then enjoyed company in that pub… in any case: here are some pictures from today.