What a brilliant day it was! We hadn’t planned anything. But then, the weather looked good, it was Saturday – no Pflegedienst, no therapists. So at lunch time, off we went!

First of all: a BIG thank you to all of you who have been trying so so hard to stop this man Ronan from doing the craziest thing anyone could ever do: running 5 marathons in 5 days! To all the others: go to here and donate, donate, donate, Ronan needs to be stopped!

A year ago we went up to the North Sea, Tating (remember Tating?) and St. Peter-Ording. We, that was Pat, a good friend now living in California, and myself. It was a gorgeous day. We went up to the Arche Noah, the restaurant on stilts Pádraig wanted us to buy, when it was sold by the people who had inherited it from my sister and her husband, had a great glass of white wine and a break, before heading back up to Hamburg and the Schön-Klinik where Pádraig was waiting for us.

So when we were sitting on the same terrace of the Arch Noah today, sipping on our white wine and Pádraig eating a lovely ice-cream, we rang our friend in California who couldn’t believe that today, just a year after she had visited him, today Pádraig was FullSizeRenderenjoying the fine weather with us on the terrace of the Arche Noah.

Sadly, we did not make it to WACKEN – but we passed close by, seeing loads of cars on the motorway. – One year, we’ll make it to WACKEN!