He needs to be stopped! Right here and now!

I mean, is heScreen Shot 2015-07-31 at 18.21.51 mad? Does he understand what he is trying to do?

If we gave him lots of money for his fundraising campaign, could we persuade him not do embark on this crazy, crazy week of running five (!) marathons in just five days (!)

So, stop whatever you’re doing and click here to send Ronan as much as you can. Stop him! Nobody can run five marathons in five days!!!

This morning (I’m so sorry I missed that) Padraig’s carer and Pat were about to dress Pádraig. They had an ordinary, one that is not open on the back, t-shirt for him. The carer explained how she had done a special Bobath on how to dress persons like Padraig. So they put his arms in and then were about to pull it over his head. The carer said to Pat how well this other person she is looking after is co-operating and how she is able to lift up her head. It took 5 seconds and there was Pádraig lifting up his head, all by himself, to help – as well if not more as this lady that he heard the carer talk about. What she was able to do, he was. As well, if not better!

Thursday (yesterday) afternoon was “traveling down memory lane” – time. I walked through the city centre and the pedestrian zones there. Had coffee and cake in our favourite café (still the best in Dortmund). And went to Hombruch where I had rented my second apartment which was a serious move up the property ladder – it had central heating and a full bath, costing just 45 euro.

I also visited two good friends, on of whom I had not seen for many years, the other celebrating his birthday.

My sister and brother-in-law drove up to Hamburg this morning to visit Pádraig, so I got a lift which was really nice – and Pádraig was delighted to see them.

Pádraig had a good day, between physio in the morning, the visitors, a few good wholesome meals, a walk in the park and listening to a new CD I got. It’s called “Fliegt, Gedanken fliegt” by Manderley, one if not the most famous folk groups from Dortmund in the late 70s. The only CD they ever made was re-launched a few years back.

It’s Friday. Another week is almost over. Can’t believe how fast time passes by.