Well, talk about stuff happening.

imagesLast night, Pat had a bad night, because it was her turn with Pádraig and, no matter what she tried, he didn’t sleep and, “worse”, he didn’t keep quiet. I put “worse” within quotes because Pádraig making all those sounds on one hand prevented Pat from having a quiet night’s sleep; on the other hand, well on the other hand, we would give a kingdom if Pádraig started to use his voice again.

That’s what he did today. He is, clearly, becoming more aware of his voice, and he is learning how to use it.

Then, and we “blame” his OT for this one, he is now clearly helping when we put a cup into his hand and support him bringing it up to his mouth. Even better, because he is bringing the cup up to his mouth himself, he is more aware that liquid is about to enter his mouth, which in turn makes it much easier for him to swallow.

If proof was needed that therapy is more than just an expensive largely useless maintenance programme, here is (yet another) proof to the contrary.

Here is to progress!

Dreamboaters never give up because they know that even little signs are signs of things to come as long as you believe in your own strength!

1Today’s German Music Tip
Roland Kaiser, Warum hast du nicht nein gesagt (feat. Maite Kelly). In case you ever wondered why rap is so popular in Germany, listen to this more ‘traditional’ German “Schlager”. Oh mein Gott! They are blaming each other for not having said ‘no’ to you-know-what.
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The German word/phrase/verse of the day
I thought, a “Bild” says more than a thousand words. Here is the first of a few pictures from Germany’s worst, but most widely read newspaper, the “Bild-Zeitung” on what is “typisch Deutsch”


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