Pat came across a few really witty designs in a Spanish newspaper. Luckily, I found them on the web because by the time I wanted to take a picture of that paper, it had magically disappeared.

imagesI haven’t followed closely Spanish politics in recent times but from the little I know there are very significant changes on the way. ‘Podemos’ does not just mean ‘yes, we can’, it also became the name of a new party. And they have come up with a very smart way to promote ‘revolution’ – with love at the centre (I had to look twice before I saw it).

Thursdays in Dublin are getting-up-early-days. Ryanair leaves Dublin for Bremen at 6.10am. Today, however, it was pure luxury. A good friend had offered to give me a lift up to the airport, so I did not have to worry about getting busses. So much more relaxed, less stressful!

Pádraig just had home made spaghetti with home made pesto. Although he seemed to be as tired as I feel, I finished a full portion – not a huge portion, but a good portion. And he enjoyed it. His day has been pretty full: physio and speech therapy, MOTOMed, and a long walk in the park.. Looks like an early night for all of us tonight.

images2In Dublin, I went through the Irish Times of the last weekend. There was a long report there about a young man who had been awarded around 10m euro on top of approximately 5m euro he had received earlier in a case of medical negligence that left him with a severe acquired brain injury. 15 million euro. That is what the court decided and the parties agreed will be necessary to look after this man for the rest of his life. Also were told to listen to today’s Brendan O’Connor Show. He discussed the lack of funding with the mother of someone who had suffered a brain injury at birth. Well worth listening to.

The monthly cost of a nursing home plus an hour or two of therapy a week for their sons and daughters is around 8,000 euro, or less than 100,000 euro a year, for the families we know, a cost that is in most cases paid for by the HSE. If that young man in his thirties (if I remember correctly) lived another 40 years, lets say, his total cost for the nursing home would be 40 x 100k, or 4 million euro.

images3That is about a *quarter* of what the court felt was necessary to look after someone with a severe acquired brain injury in its opinion, an opinion backed up by many expert reports! How can that be? – Also, unlike many health professionals in charge of our health system, the court did not feel that this amount (that will have to be recovered from either the tax payers of by insurance companies recovering this money via our policies) represented a bad return on investment and should therefore not be ‘wasted’ on a hopeless case.

I wonder whether anyone sees the sad, terrible irony in this judgement when comparing its outcome to the ‘normal’ limited and inadequate treatment of persons with brain injuries in nursing homes?

Another week is almost over. Block-laying should have started today! It’s all downhill from here onwards – in the German, freewheeling way of looking at the world:)

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Matthias Schweighöfer, FliegenA song about making anything possible.
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Yes, we can. Courts acknowledging the need of persons with severe ABI.
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Lack of therapy
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Wenn Unrecht zu Recht wird, wird Widerstand zur Pflicht. (Berthold Brecht)

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