IMG_1452In Germany, there is one way of doing things. A right way. And a wrong way. There are loads of laws and regulations, contracts, signs, warnings, police, bureaucrats, and little green and red men in traffic lights to help you find out what is right and what is wrong. That’s why life in Germany is so easy. And that’s why the country is so well off.

That is also why I screwed the handle of our pot back on the right way, the way it was when we got it. It was easy. And pretty obvious the way the handle had to go on.

Unfortunately, the handle always became loose again after a day or two, no matter how hard I tried.

Then, just a few days ago, Pádraig’s helper, who is from Poland and who has thick glasses, decided to do some good. He organised himself a screwdriver and screwed the handle back on to the pot.

Only that he did it upside down..

I was going to talk to him about this – I like things being done properly. The way they are supposed to be done. And there is only one way of doing things right, which is easy in the case of handles to be screwed on to a pot – unless you have thick glasses,  I thought.

Then I noticed that, for a few days now, the handle didn’t get loose anymore. Upside Down works!

I’ll leave it up to you to get the lesson….

Last night, Pádraig had a few uninvited visitors: almost a dozen wasps had somehow ‘invaded’ his room. Pat managed to get most of them during the night and I got the remainder in the morning. Really strange, this wasp business. Pádraig himself was well today. He continued to make sounds when he wanted to – for example when his uncle from America rang. He’s also doing really well with his three meals a day.

We had planned to go up to Tating either today or tomorrow, just for the day and with Pádraig, but the weather is incredible with loads of wind and more rain, as well as thunder. So we took a walk around the block instead…

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Deichkind, So`ne Musik. Wirklich – so’ne Musik!!!
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