Unknown1This could be a really nice summer’s evening. I’m sitting with the doors wide open and the warm air is floating through the apartment. Sitting beside Pádraig (who is listening in) I was looking for good music and came across a song from way back then.

UnknownHere is one of my favourite songs from forty years ago. I had almost forgotten about it. It’s amazing that it got 5.5m hits because it’s not a song that people watching youtube would have heard much about it, I would have thought. The song is Diamonds and Rust and its by Joan Baez, who wrote it about Bob Dylan (not sure whether he ever wrote one about Joan Baez?). When I was listening and reading one of the comments, i learned that there is also a version by Heavy Metal group Judas Pries of Diamonds and Rust and, although I’m not really a fan of heavy metal, this one ain’t bad.

IMG_1409Pat left in the morning to spend the weekend with Pádraig’s older sister. His younger sister is walking the ‘camino’! So, it’s quiet here and it will be a weekend to spend time together with Pádraig, without work or any pressures.

We started this in the afternoon, took it easy, went for a walk, shared a really healthy home made soup.

It is a really nice summer’s evening, all diamonds and no rust.

Today’s German Music Tip
Andreas Bourani, Engel fliegen einsam. This is really a Christina Stürmer song, but it’s not a bad version of it! Du und ich gemeinsam…
What’s hot
What’s cold
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Wer rasted, der rostet. (There’s the ‘rust’ again:)

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