IMG_1400As I said, the extension is making progress. Next week, it’ll be very visible, once the walls will be going up. – None of us can wait…

I wanted to share a picture of the front page of the very popular (and very entertaining) German newspaper die Bildzeitung.

FullSizeRenderAngela saves Greece, the paper writes in big bold letters on his front page, only to add: with our hard-earned money. What a fine sense of humour!!

The Germans are having a great time living, but a hard time supporting weaker economies, for the time being. They are negotiating pay rises for their own workers of 4% and they are paying for it with the interest from much poorer countries. – Anyhow…

smallI’ve made my mind up. For decades I didn’t know where I belonged. On Tuesday when a friend collected me from the airport and gave me the country’s official marathon shirt as a present, it was confirmed, if that was needed. There are still many other more important things to be sorted out but this will definitely be one. I want to be amongst all those people in this big hall and become a fellow country man.

Pádraig had his usual physio today, a half an hour go on his bike, a long walk on a warm summer’s afternoon. I am looking forward to the weekend and time to catch up with him. The days during the week are so busy for all of us, it’s incredible. His doctor wanted to come today before he’ll be on two weeks’ holidays but then didn’t manage to. In reality, it didn’t matter that much, Pádraig is ok.

On Monday, however, a dentist will be calling to the house, the first time for some time for a dentist to see him. We haven’t told Pádraig yet.

Today’s German Music Tip
KC Rebell feat. Moé, Bist Du real. This is pure pop, with a huge following.
What’s hot
Warm summer afternoons
What’s cold
Being busy to be busy
The German word/phrase/verse of the day

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