imagesWhile getting Pádraig ready for the day, I was listening to RTÉ. Someone announced that Ireland had decided to take on 600 refugees over the next two years.

Later on, while having breakfast, I looked through the Hamburger Morgenpost, Hamburg’s Irish Times, from last Tuesday, someone had left it behind, with a few pages on the refugee crisis in Europe and in Hamburg. There are between 200 and 300 hundred refugees arriving in the city of Hamburg alone. Every day.

Caring for Pádraig, on your own, is really nice, in one way, and really tiring, in another. After the morning routine, I cleaned up the place a bit, we had a small lunch, went out for a long walk, got porridge and a steak in the shops, back to have a bit to eat, some exercises in bed, and the day was almost over.

Two things happened today for the first time.

The first was that I fried a bit of steak, minced it and shared it with Pádraig. Very little. It was full of flavours and texture. Steak. The first time in over two years. – So, he had beer, now a steak. What’ll be next?

The second was me trying to read aloud a book in English. I’m not good at reading out aloud. Never mind in English. In this case, Pádraig didn’t have a choice. It was from a very special book one of Pádraig’s friends had brought with her on her last, recent visit. It was a guide book to Alaska. It was good that I read it out aloud. Because every word on that first page trying to capture the essence of Alaska made you want to go more, and more. – It’s a pipedream. Well, let’s see.

By the way, the blocks have arrived in Iona Road and will be laid starting on Monday!

Today’s German Music Tip
Leyk & Lockvogel, Ne Sekunde Sommer. Du im Urlaub, ich im Regen… Aus dem Asphalt weißer Sandstrand… Techno it’s called, I think. The video has a really well-made opening!
What’s hot
Alaska – there’s no place on earth like it.
What’s cold
Australia – it snowed there today. Can you imagine?
The German word/phrase/verse of the day

An  Saol  Live your Life , An Saol eileAn Saol