imagesThis is another short post after an amazing and long day. I’ll remember it as the beginning of An Saol because of the generosity and trust of someone that, so to speak, pushed me over the edge and, in her own words, got me to a point of no return. More later. (Isn’t the suspense almost unbearable?)

Pádraig is doing extraordinarily well physically and, it appears, has really established a good connection with his OT – I get the feeling they are both amazing each other. They are finding ways to communicate and connect.

Once I get a bit of time, I’ll write up a short plan for the first twelve months of activity for An Saol. I’ll also start a register of jobs for anyone who wants to help. Too late tonight to do this, but hopefully by the end of the week, I’ll share it with you.

Today’s German Music Tip
K.I.Z., Hurra die Welt geht unter ft. Henning May. Another group I never heard of. Another rapper. The title is a little misleading. It doesn’t celebrate the “Weltuntergang” per se, but the disappearing of the world where money is everything and people come a distant second. Not a bad song and makes me think whether rap ain’t as bad as I always thought.
What’s hot
What’s cold
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Des Teufels liebstes Möbelstück ist die lange Bank.

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