Last Saturday, a card arrived from one of Pádraig’s friend with a wonderful picture on it but an even more wonderful, great quote.


Today. What a day. One to remember.

imagesNot because something extraordinary happened but because normality came into town. Nothing more boring than normality. The three of us and two friends having brunch. Getting into the car. Having a spin around town. Going for a walk around the Alster, Getting wet while walking the streets during a rain shower. Having a few scoops of real Italian ice-cream (and an expresso) in a nice Café.

A really normal Sunday afternoon in Hamburg. Boring.

Boring? – Everything but!

Today’s German Music Tip
Christina Stürmer, Was wirklich bleibt. Und irgendwas gibt Dir die Kraft wieder aufzustehen… – a really nice ‘unplugged’ version of a good song by Christina Stürmer.
What’s hot
A lazy Sunday afternoon.
What’s cold
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Otto Normalverbraucher

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