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German supermarkets really have he ear on the ground. They know exactly what consumers always wanted but hadn’t realised how much. Some ‘extra’ stuff. Real easy, ultraleicht. Remember that light that if you switched it on inside your living room made it look from the outside as if you were watching the telly?

We brought Pádraig’s friend who had arrived for a surprise visit to the train station today and went for a long walk afterwards.

As we passed by Lidl we decided to get a few things for the weekend. At the end, it was so much that we couldn’t possibly carry it. So we hang bags on different sides of Pádraig’s wheelchair, trying hard not to get it out of balance.

‘Stuff’ always appears first in Germany before it hits the Irish Lidl shelves. So here is a sneak preview of what to expect over the coming weeks. And yes, it’s bizarre, quiet breathtaking and even stranger than that light that imitates a telly.

First up is the most normal of the three items I wanted to share with you. It’s a waffle maker that makes waffles in the shape of different animals: from giraffes to elephants. Get one and make your kids happy.


Next up is a set of gypsum bandages coming with a tub of vaseline. This ingenious set allows you to take an imprint of the upper front of your body to remember forever what it looked like when you were pregnant. I thought, here’s a real opportunity for Weight Watchers to do the ‘before’ and ‘after’ thing.’ What do you think?


I kept the best for last. It’s the brand new EMS PO-TRAINER “SEM 70”. It comes with 4 electrodes together with self-adhesive gel-films. It has 15 different settings. It is really thin, so you can even wear it underneath your clothes! In in case you were worried, it automatically switches itself off!! No, I’m not making this up. No! Buy it and save 62%! You won’t get this chance again any time soon. A PO-TRAINER for just €12.99!!!


I am thinking to get a slot at the Laughter Lounge and just read out of Lidl’s latest special offers’ brochure. I’d say people would be in stitches, wouldn’t you?

Some of you might remember the title of Der Spiegel from some months ago showing this young couple asking themselves “Wohin mit den Geld?”, what to do with all that money? Lidl management must have read that story. Most definitely. They must have. Ultraleicht.

We always started to eat something on the way back home from the supermarket – we were trying to make that a banana, or an apple. Of course, that didn’t always work out. We picked up on this ‘tradition’ today. So, while we were walking back towards the apartment, Pádraig started to eat some of the sweet stuff we had bought. We were doing real ‘normal’ things, I thought. Real normal, everyday things. How different that felt.

Here’s ultraleicht people stuff, instead of ultraleicht consumer stuff.

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Andreas Bourani, Ultraleicht. “Mit Dir fühl ich mich ultraleicht…”
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