There are people who plan. And there are people who don’y.

When Pádraig traveled, he was a Dreamboater, floating down the stream. Exploring. Allowing for surprises. The unforeseen. No plan.

Today I tried the impossible: find my way through mountains of paper, organising them in heaps, stapling some of them together, punching holes into them, sorting them in arch lever folders, as one does in Germany. I failed of course and didn’t finish this mammoth task. But I am determined and will finish it tomorrow morning before going to Bremen and on to Dublin for the weekly visit to the building site.

Pádraig had a busy day today. After a physio and speech therapy, he had two visitors from Dublin, old friends, and great company. The visit is so special as we all know how much it costs both in time and money to make it out to Hamburg. Each visit brings back home the reality that Pádraig is not where he should be: close to his friends, close to the poetry, the music, the chat, the craic, the company. Won’t be long now.

We were thinking about putting a lift into the Conradh. Getting tickets to next year’s festivals. And in the meantime, cinema nights, readings, sessions at home. There ain’t no limits!

imagesI have started to think again a bit more about An Saol. Also talked about it to people. While the aim is to have a house an land where persons with severe brain injuries can meet, get therapies, where there’s a respite service, where people who can’t stay at home can find a second home – work can start right now. The ‘house’ will come at some point.

In the meantime: we can provide information to families and victims, we can organise courses and educational activities for families and professionals alike, we can share sustainable therapy services across families who need them at home, as well as affordable and sustainable caring services, we could establish a register of caring, nursing, medical, and therapy professional who’d be happy to help.

If I am not wrong, you could employ a full time therapist capable of servicing 3-4 families for what you would pay individually if you paid for five hours of therapy per week, or just one hour per day. While the HSE pays 1,600 (in some cases +300) euro per week to nursing homes, home help could be organised for a fraction of that. Wouldn’t that make sense?

These days, a lot of Dreamboaters are on Tour. On the Road. On the Camino, caminante no hay camino. Traveling. Exploring. Going down rivers nobody went on before. In rainforests, on mountain tops, on long walks and endless bus and train trips. Sharing their dreams. Save travels!

Today’s German Music Tip
Rosenstolz, Wenn du aufwachst. One of Pádraig’s favourite German musicians.
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Dreamboaters on Tour
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The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Aller Anfang ist schwer.

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