Just one minute before noon did we make it into the Husum Tax Office where we were to collect our tax numbers that we needed for some paperwork we wanted to arrange today. It was the most wonderful experience I’d ever had in a tax office. The people there were so nice and so helpful. But then, Husum is not Hamburg.

imagesWe were away.

We had a full day with meetings and things to be sorted out in Tating and Garding and Husum before we made it back to Hamburg. Last night we went for a pint in Lütt Matten in Garding only to find our precious pint glassed on a table saying ‘please take one’. We took them, and two other pint glasses. The pint I had was not a pint at all but a 0.4l glass of Guinness – with a clover leaf ‘painted’ on the head, but otherwise pretty dull black stuff. Another reason to get back to Dublin soon.

Both Pat and I woke up just after 3am last night, ready to turn Pádraig. It’s strange how you get used to an interrupted sleep.

We were thinking about this drive back into Hamburg on Sunday afternoons last year when we were always wondering what had happened to Pádraig in the Schön-Klinik while we had been away in Tating. – This time, we knew that he had been perfectly ok. Pat’s sister had been keeping us uptodate and we knew that if anything unusual had happened, she would have told us.

When we came back to Hamburg, Pádraig had a surprise visitor, an old friend who had planned to come over in a week or so but had a change of plan and decided to visit today. There will be more visits over the weekend from Dublin. It’s amazing to see how loyal Pádraig’s friends have been. How fortunate is he, with all the bad, terrible, and uncertain times he has been through, to have friends like he does.

He is still away, but at the same time so close to so many people all over the world. You know that. He knows it. There is a connection that is so strong and that has lasted for several years now. That connection will not fade away, to the contrary, it will get stronger and it will survive time itself.

There’s a great quote in Into the Wild by Christopher MacCandless: “Mr. Franz, I think careers are a 20th century invention and I don’t want one.” People used to get all consumed by their careers – I think they begin to realise that what is much worth than their careers are their family and friends. Myself included.

Today’s German Music Tip
Fard, Laufe & Laufe (Bellum et Pax Official Video). Back to German rap. This time it’s a song for runners, in a way. “Wichtig ist, dass Du nicht vergißt, wo Du herkommst.”
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HauHauHa! (expression from Nordfriesland)

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