UnknownWhere is this letter? The one. Not all the others on my desk, on the floor, in the shelf, in the plastic storage boxes, in the arch lever folders, on top of the shelf, on top of the boxes, or in the kitchen. There must be hundreds of them from some state offices, the hospitals, the insurance companies, the courts, the waterworks, the electricity company, the carers’ company, the Wohnungsgenossenschaft, the Wasserbeschaffungsverband, the critical care company, the Apotheke, the bank, the credit card company, and I don’t know from whom else. They are all writing us letters. It’s a wonder there’s any trees left.

All those letters are here in this room. It’s a small room and it faces to the East which means that you better avoid it in the mornings, because these days it gets really hot when the sun shines in. I’ve looked through all of these hundreds of letters several times today. I’m telling myself how useless I am in organising all this stuff. All the letters are there. Everyone of them. But not the one I’m looking for. The important letter. The one.

I’m praying, I’ve tears in my eyes, I’m asking Pat: she’s the one who always finds lost items in our house, long after St. Anthony has given up (although, he might just take his time when I’m getting too impatient). Even she can’t help. There’s absolutely no sign whatsoever of this letter. Anywhere.

At least Pádraig’s had a good day today. No sign of a cold anymore. Three meals, small and pureed, but three meals. Pat went out for a walk with him and while I kept looking for this letter getting more and more desperate, the two of them enjoyed the blue sky and the sunshine. It’s not too hot here (yet), just a beautiful summer’s day. Physiotherapy and speech therapy sessions, followed by an occupational therapy session. More than he got on a good day in the hospital – especially if you count the walk in the park today as an extra two hours of therapy.

One last desperate look, passed all the really old papers and letters, down to the bottom of the transparent plastic box with the pink lid. An envelope with the letter in it. The one. I can’t believe it. The relief is something else. But still, why am I not better organised? Is the German in me dead and gone? What happened to the organised me? Did I just get overwhelmed by this masses of paper from all these people all looking for all sorts of stuff, from money to information?”

Off to Dublin tomorrow to check on the extension. I’ll take a day off during the weekend to sort out all the letter, answer them, fill them in, pay the amounts requested. A day might not be enough…

Talking about letters – the one to the Governor and the one to the Attorney General of Massachusetts have neither been answered yet.

Today’s German Music Tip
Gestört aber GeiL & Koby Funk feat. Wincent Weiss, Unter Meiner Haut. Uploaded mid March of this year, this song got 6.2m views on youtube. It’s a good song, I guess, they don’t play it on the radio, must be a club hit! I wonder is it the really cool apartment the two are living in that makes this so attractive?
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