Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 19.57.27‘Change will come’ was the message a friend from sent Boston today. Yes, it will. Change will come. We will make sure it will. Actually, not so much me and my generation but Pádraig, his friends and their generation. There must have been dozens of messages and letters and emails and tweets that were sent to the Governor and Attorney General of Massachusetts. So far, we haven’t received a reply to the open letter, but important things take time.

It has been so warm today in Hamburg that I am sitting, for the first time, on the roof terrace writing this blog. There is no wind, the sun is going down, some DIY enthusiast (in Germany, you’re never far away from a DIY enthusiast)  is cutting something with his electric saw, Pádraig is relaxing in his bed behind me, and the world is not so bad. It’s funny, how not thinking too much makes the world a better place!

Today we got a visit from a German physio living and working in Dublin. We got out Pádraig’s big Vojta table and he got an extra hour of therapy. It was great. Each therapist has their own individual approach. Getting an extra, very different, hour of therapy today was a real bonus. I also learned a few new ways of keeping Pádraig fit.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 20.01.14I thought more of An Saol – Live your Life! today and the many things that could get started straight away, like a website with information, very pragmatic stuff, things that we learned over the past two year, things that other families learned and are happy to share. That would be a good first step.

Change will come. That has to be our message to all of those who think they could just continue in their tracks.

Change will come.

Today’s German Music Tip
La Resistance, Alienbesuch. Well, this is an unusual one. Uploaded about 6 years ago and just 4600 or so views. It’s rap, not my kind of music normally, but I like this. Not just because of the lyrics… Was ist das für ne Welt…? Sag mir bitte, dass ich meinen drei Augen nicht trauen kann.
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