I thought I’d got up really early this morning until the man doing the groundworks on the extension said well, that’s about the time I get up every morning now. Right, I thought. 5am is not as early as I would’ve thought. A short walk, a train to the Hauptbahnhof, a train to Bremen, a tram to the airport, Ryanair to Dublin – and then, not the bus home, but a lift in a wonderful and comfortable car driven by a really good friend to his house where the best ever Irish Breakfast was waiting for me! It couldn’t get any better! After that, I was prepared for the day!

Builders, garage (trying to get the car fixed for the re-test), visit at a friend’s house. These friends had recently organised a coffee morning that generated several thousands of euro for Pádraig’s fund. Check out the photos here.

A trip out to a care facility in North County Dublin to meet the parents of two other young people with a very severe acquired brain injury, as well as, of course, their sons. I had not met them before, neither the parents nor their sons.

It might sound strange, but it was in a way one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had for some time. I had heard to much about them before and had been looking forward to seeing them, meeting them, talking to them.

They are fabulous people, beautiful people who are trying to live life, their life, to the full.

Pádraig had a good day today, on a really warm, almost hot Hamburg summer’s day. The heat makes him a bit tired, but I’m sure he’s enjoying it. He’s eating is three meals a day, and taking in loads of fluids to make up for the sweat in this hot weather.

Big building-related meeting tomorrow morning.