Today, I gave my last lecture. Of this semester. There will be a summer school in May. Exams. And then, this academic year will be over. The summer ahead already promises to be really busy. I am sure it will be over in a wink. Life after the summer will be very different, in many way.

imagesThese days, something is changing with Pádraig. I would not be surprised if he started to talk or move around. Slowly and unspectacular in a way, but super-spectacular under the circumstances. The last month has been up-setting and was marked by a distinct absence of routine. That’ll come back and on the back of it, we will do and try out many new things. Things Pádraig hasn’t done for a long time. Yesterday’s visit to the park was just the beginning.

There will also be more time, to write the Cape Cod Story. To put An Saol back on track. To have good times with friends. To make New Memories. So that it won’t be always looking back, crying my eyes out for what is lost. Because that is lost and gone. Tomorrow is waiting for us. For the Dreamboaters.