imagesI checked the weather today. They say it’s going to rain on Sunday.

This afternoon Pádraig and I listened to Amhrán do Phádraig. I still cannot believe that this is for real. In a way, as time passes, this CD and the talent, creativity, and effort that made it possible become more monumental. Altogether, it took months of really dedicated and enthusiastic work. What it gives me, each time I listen to it, is the reassurance that anything is possible.

It’s ok to have doubts. It’s ok to even be desperate at times. But as you move through life, whatever life it might be, you need to believe, know that you can get into this Dreamboat and float down the stream of your life with all the other Dreamboaters who will support you, be with you, believe with you and in you.

When I started to write this blog, Pádraig was in a very different place than he is now. So was I. When I started to write this blog I had no idea of how the next year and a half would turn out that this was not about returning to whatever we had before, but moving on to what we have now.

UnknownIn a way, it’s exactly what you’re told all the time: not to look back, not to plan too far ahead, but to live in the here and now with what you’ve got. And to breath in and to breath out. It’s all about O2 and CO2.

I promised Pádraig to run a marathon as long as he continued to make an effort to make the best of his life, to keep fighting, to keep trying as hard as he could. This coming Sunday will be marathon number 4 (not counting my very first which I ran because I thought: now or never). There’ll be a ‘troika’ running – with Andrew and Cian hitting the finishing line while I’ll still be gasping for air and water somewhere in the second half. – Fingers crossed that they got the forecast for Sunday wrong. Marathons and rain ain’t good companions.