Sunny Sunday. So we went out for a walk. The new wheelchair is absolutely amazing. It almost rolls by itself. Unless you are a wheelchair expert, you would probably not appreciate the difference between wheelchairs. I remember that when we asked for a new wheelchair for Pádraig, even the physios in the Schön-Klinik did not immediately see the point – we were concert about the size. But it’s not just the size. This new wheelchair doesn’t just fit so much better, it also moves so much smoother.

IMG_0680The result: we went further then we ever went before on our walk today. Into a park. Up to a weir of the river Wandse, running through a little valley not too far away from our apartment. It was brilliant. The first time in almost two years, Pádraig saw a river, heard water running through a weir, heard the wind in the trees and bushes. It made me start planning our summer and getting really excited – I can just imagine what it did to Pádraig.

There are many many details from our visit to Boston and Cape Cod that I want to write about. It’ll take a bit of time because some of it is complex. But there are a few things we learnt that are important to know in relation to what happened to Pádraig and also so very important to know for all the thousands of students going on a J1 to the US, and for parents sending off their children to work in the US for the summer.

Not tonight, but sometime soon.