Plans to catch up with some details on the trip to Boston, on the lessons learned are not working out yet. Between our ‘stand-in’ returning back to Dublin today and some of Pádraig’s friends visiting this afternoon, the day just went past flying.

Pádraig is doing well. He is really alert. This afternoon, he held both hands together and lifted up and lowered down both of this lower arms. There is so much going on that I had not noticed so clearly but now do notice, not having seen him for a few days. Pádraig is noticing so much more than before, he is so much more alert and interested and responsive that I an convinced that he will make much more progress, now that there will be no more (planned) operations.

This afternoon was really nice with Pádraig’s friends being around and bringing some young energetic life to the apartment. It’s really amazing to see how well they connect, although I am sure it’s not easy for either of them.

Tomorrow week is the day of the Hamburg Marathon. There will be two of Pádraig’s friends and myself running. Please check out Andrew’s fundraising page

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