They had an IT problem and were half an hour late (where will it all end???) but they did arrive eventually. Unfortunately, not with the collapsable stretcher and not with the bigger car – which meant that the stretcher could not be brought into Pádraig’s room (we had to carry him out of the room in the lifter instead) and that Pádraig’s legs had to be slightly doubled because otherwise the door of the ambulance supposed to carry him to the UKE would not have closed. All of this stuff is really predictable, we’ve been there and done it. Why it happens again and again, although this time I had highlighted his height when ordering the ambulance, will remain the secret of the ambulance companies:)

Each time we arrive in a hospital, it’s the same procedure: attempting to gather all the ‘stuff’ Pádraig needs. Usually it starts with the extension to the bed. Then it’s ordering a special mattress (as he will not move much in the bed). And it goes on …

IMG_0393This time, we have a double room. I have been admitted as a carer, with a bed and an ‘all inclusive’ food deal. It makes so much sense for the hospital. They don’t have the staff and the capacity to look after patients like Pádraig, so they get the insurance to pay my all-in stay.

Pádraig was a bit apprehensive but then it seems that he like where he was. For the first time – yes, another first!!! – he finished a full bowl of broccoli soup for dinner. Something seems to IMG_0392be happening these days: he is really into strawberries (well, who isn’t?), he manages to finish a cup of tea, and had no problem finishing the freshly squeezed orange juice his friends had bought for him. OK, I hear you say, this is just premium food that smells nice, has a great texture, and tastes like heaven – who would not eat or drink this?

Well, Pádraig would not have just a few weeks ago, at least not with this relative ease and natural-being-himself ‘gusto’!

Tomorrow, there will be a few conversations with doctors, planning the operation, as well as a few routine tests. Nothing too stressful, I hope, but probably time consuming.

Finally, another first: This is the first time that Pádraig is in an ‘open’ room – no isolation, no “Kittel” or aprons, face masks, and gloves. Can’t believe it.

Today’s move was good. Here is to hoping that the next few days will work out well!

PS 1: I almost didn’t manage to get back home, but this morning I managed my 25k run in preparation for the Hamburg Marathon. – Just checked out Andrew’s fundraising page and got a bit of a shock: just 35 days to go!

PS 2: Hopefully, I will be able to reply to your very kind comments you posted over the past few days, following the death of my mother. I really appreciate each and every one of them. They gave me the strength I badly needed to get through the past week and the coming weeks and years. Thank you!