UnknownThe Day After and it is still not real.

There was the day itself, organised and arranged. There was the event.

There are those who have gone before her: her brother, her husband, one of her daughters.

There’s us, left behind to do the best we can in the time we’ve got left.

Pádraig got a new wheelchair, a “Netti”, the day before yesterday. It took the technician around 2 hours to set the chair up for Pádraig – and we already wonder how we managed with the old on. It’s a brilliant chair!!!

Tomorrow afternoon, Pádraig and myself will check back in to the UKE, this time on a urology ward, pre-op on Monday, and the operation on Tuesday. Hopefully, we’ll be back out in a week. I hope and pray that all will go well.

I did not have the energy yet, to answer all who sent us their best wishes but will do so soon. In the meantime please let me thank you for all your kind words and messages.