Another day at the hospital, another tale.

UnknownAll of this morning, there were meetings and forms and tests. As a result, the doctors decided that Pádraig needed to be treated with an antibiotic before the operation. Nothing too bad about this, only that it means that tomorrow won’t be the ‘big day’ and that the operation will be postponed until Thursday at the earliest.

This feeling of timeless drifting in space I had forgotten about is creeping back in. There is no ‘Pflegedienst’ here and I have been appointed Pádraig’s personal nurse. The ‘real’ nurses stick in their head from time to time, maybe 3-4 times a day, to check if we need anything and if we do they get it. Food is served equally often: breakfast, lunch, Kaffetrinken, and dinner.

But when the door is closed, this room could be anywhere. There is no connection to the outside world, except the internet and a big window. It’s so weird and strange that last night felt as if I had woken up every half an hour, checking where I was.

This evening, we organised a few journeys: Pat is going to see a therapy centre in Pforzheim, which I visited last year with a friend and to where a number of Irish parents are now bringing their children who can’t get adequate treatment in Ireland.

We also bought tickets to Boston where the civil case against the driver of the van that knocked Pádraig off his bicycle will take place in mid-April. When I think about this… I won’t tonight. Tomorrow is another day.

This day last week, Pádraig’s grandmother died when I was on the way to see her.

For today, the German word is “Entwarnung”.
One of the most famous German groups these days is Deichkind, and their last album “Niveau, Weshalb, Warum?” has become a huge success.