Never will there be a war starting again from German soil.

I grew up with this baggage of the first world war. My grandfather fought in this ‘great’ war. He got a “Lungensteckschuss”, a bullet in his lung they never managed to take out, and suffered all his life from the consequences. I grew up with the baggage of the second world war which my parent lived through.

IMG_0346Since last week I know that Germans have more important things to sort than wars. Aldi is selling the “Rasenkantenstecher” – a gadget that every household should have to get the borders of their lawn straight. No self-respecting family should be without one. Imagine – a crooked lawn border! What would the neighbours say!!!???

Those who don’t like the outdoors might go for this amazing 75c worth indoor gadget: a “Rührholz”, the perfect piece of wood to mix your paints. Gone are the days when you would get an old brush stick, or, indeed, just a piece from a tree and mix up the wall colours!

– Just in case you think it: I am not making IMG_0344this up, it’s all for real.

I had a day on my own with Pádraig today. Pat went, together with our daughters, to see my mother. Any other year we would have all been there together. This time, I did the exercises with Pádraig, took it really slowly with him, cleaned the apartment, did the washing, and put on the Amhra do Phádraig CD – really loud. I had doubts and he believed.

Not sure whether you heard this, but the winner of the “German Song for Austria”, Germany’s contribution to the European Song Contest, in his acceptance test, did what no-one had ever done before: he declined the nomination…. Where will it all end.

As promised yesterday, here is – at last – and as a gesture to our friends in Greece, tonight’s German song tip:

Nana Mouskouri, Weiße Rosen aus Athen – with more than 1.2 million clicks!!!