One reaction of some people to Pádraig’s accident has been to feel lucky. That it wasn’t their son. Some have told us that they have sons and daughters of Pádraig’s age. Sons and daughters who have been traveling. Sons and daughters to whom accidents like this could have happened but haven’t. Thanks be to God. 

 I had to think of this when I heard the news today that the boy of Pádraig’s age who had gone missing in Cavan/Leitrim over the past week or so was found. They discovered his body in the lake belonging to his family. Someone who was there with the family when they were told said to us that the moans, shouting and crying was unbearable. I don’t think life could be more cruel that this.

imagesTonight our daughters arrived to the village where my sister lives. Pat will be getting the train very early in the morning and they will all meet up to visit my mother. I’ll have a quiet day with Pádraig. 

I feel so lucky that he is with us, making our lives unbearable, difficult, complicated, fun in a strange way, full of humour, full of love, never giving up, determined to make this life work. 

 Today, he went on his longest ‘walk’ ever. It was sunny, it was warm-ish, there was life all around. 

 Just thinking – I am so tired and have so little time these evenings that I don’t manage to look up (good) German songs and things. But I’m determined to start doing it again:)