This morning marked the end of the beginning of our stay in Hamburg. Having removed all our stuff, and having cleaned the place, we had to hand over the keys and Unknownshand over our old apartment in Forbacherstraße to the “Genossen”. How reluctant we were to rent a place thinking that we might not stay in Hamburg very long. How full of energy and hope we were, thinking that with the right treatment, Pádraig would surely get back to gaining control imagesover his body and his life.

At around noon, I drove down to Nordkirchen to see my mother. She is getting weaker every day. Each time I’m leaving her I think it might be the last time. It was a long drive back to Hamburg.

Pádraig was out of bed again today, trying to do his best to collaborate with the physio and his speech therapist. He is fine as if nothing had happened last night. I’m looking forward to the weekend with him and Pat, a lazy afternoon).

Have to go, my head is trying to hit the keyboard…